Ammonium Bifluoride

(AMBI) ((NH4)(HF2)), CAS nr. 1341-49-7

About this product

Ammonium bifluoride is a toxic inorganic compound of industrial production, used in the glass, oil and metallurgical industries. The substance is often used as a substitute for hydrofluoric acid or hydrogen fluoride. Ammonium bifluoride has a very wide range of applications. In particular, it is used for:
  • Glass processing
  • Aluminum anodizing
  • As a substitute for more toxic and aggressive hydrofluoric acid, which improves environmental friendliness and reduces the cost of glass processing
  • Cleaning metal surfaces
  • Casting manganese (as a flux)
  • Removing sand from oil wells
  • Removing rust in boilers and pipes
  • Washing oil wires
  • Replacement of hydrofluoric acid with ammonium hydrofluoride is used not only in glass processing, but also in drilling wells

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