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European supplier of Rare Earth metals and chemical raw materials

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European supplier of Rare Earth metals and chemical raw materials for mining, oil, metallurgical, glass, ceramic and other industries. Long-term partnerships with contractors, detailed knowledge of the market and an impeccable business reputation are the cornerstones of the company’s vision and constant growth in rapidly changing international markets.

It combines chemical elements in the following ways:

  • Substances are rarely found in the natural environment. Currently, only 2% of Rare Earth metals are mined in the earth’s crust. The extraction of metals in most cases is carried out from the waste of the production of mineral fertilizers. Production is carried out using innovative technologies.
  • When interacting with oxygen, the elements form refractory, insoluble oxides called “earths”. They are silvery-white metals that fade when interacting with air as a result of the formation of an oxide film. The Rare Earth metal lanthanum is one of the most expensive chemical elements. When interacting with aluminum, it forms substances with increased absorption of carbon and nitrogen. Due to its low activity with respect to H2, it can be used to isolate hydrogen from surrounding gases.
  • Rare Earth compounds differ in their chemical activity. This parameter increases from scandium to lanthanum. Before lutetium, the chemical activity is reduced to minimum values. This phenomenon is caused by a gradual decrease in the distance between atoms and energy levels.

In the scientific literature, Rare Earth metals have the following designations:

  • TR: abbreviation for “Rare Earths” (Terrae rarae).
  • REE: abbreviation of the English phrase Rare-Earth elements.
  • REM: abbreviation of the English phrase Rare-Earth metals.

Rare Earth metals are used in the following areas:

  • Production of hard drives and sound speakers.
  • Production of cameras, telescopic lenses, projectors, devices for Studio lighting and batteries.
  • Crude oil processing.
  • Development of reinforced metals and glass used in aircraft engines and protective masks for builders.
  • Creation of liquid crystal displays, MRI machines, x-ray systems, energy-saving lamps and nuclear reactors.
  • REE is also used for the manufacture of additives and enamels necessary for the modification of materials. They improve the plasticity and strength of raw materials, which increases the service life of various devices and metal devices. Due to the increased rate of absorption of carbon and nitrogen oxides, REM can be used in hydrogen thyratrons as an insulating material.

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